Creativity really can bring out the best in people.

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There are times in life when I despair. I see tragedy in the news and see how everyone is using too much plastic. I see how people are not kind to each other, or the world they exist in, and I just think ‘what is wrong with people?’.

However, I do not always feel this way, and it is often an art form which prevents me despairing.

My love affair with collage part 2

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Out and about in my beautiful city (I have lived in Brighton now roundabout for 10 years!) on Marathon day I was walking along the seafront and I took this picture:20180415_111827

I didn’t think much of it really, I really like the sea, and its complete vastness, so I took a picture. Then, when I started writing my previous blog post (If you haven’t read it, you know what to do) I thought more about making it into a collage. (Thanks blog!)

When looking at a photograph or setting and its collage potential, I think about these three things (and maybe they will help you too)

What have I been working on this Spring holiday.

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Welcome! So this is the first blog of my website. Why? Because I am hoping it will drive me to create more, and bring a new dimension to my website, so its not just the finished projects, but the ideas behind them, and anything else I think is worth adding along the way. 

So, what have I been working on this Spring holiday?