Finding inspiration

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Apologies for the delay in a blog, I got a horrible cold and I got really busy with work and things, so here I finally am.

So what to do when you want to try an idea out?

I had prepped some cardboard a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t really know what to do with it. I really like working on cardboard, because I like the texture and the colour. Even with a white wash over it, it still has a lovely warm colour behind, which I find really enhances my work. I often work on different colours or create a wash of colour before a study.

I knew as I was lacking inspiration a bit , so I think when lacking in inspiration, paint something that makes you happy. I think my favourite thing to paint is buildings and industrial scenes, so thought I would paint something like that.

I looked in a sketchbook I had to get some ideas, (this is why sketchbooks are very useful!) and came across this page


I really liked this picture of the shard I took on a crisp winter day, but I didn’t really know what to do with it until now, so I just started doing something really. I find this a good way when I am really not sure what to do, is to just start doing something!


I felt something was missing from the painting a bit, so I had a look at it. I would recommend just looking at your painting for a bit and see if you think something is missing, and what that missing thing is, as once its on the canvas it is on the canvas!

Blue. I felt what my picture needed was the bright blue of the sky from the photograph, and this painting (despite me really wanting to keep it very white and clinical) would not look right without it.

So I had an idea to balance out the straight long lines with a more painterly free flash of blue.


View from the shard. Acrylic on Cardboard. Approx 40cm x 40cm

I think this is the final result. What do you think? I think I am going to create a small series of the photographs I took from the shard a bit like this, and maybe work on one of these studies really large. I think then I am going to move on as I had these pictures a little while and am pleased I have finally found some time to play with them.

Am going on a little trip this week so I am sure I will find some new inspiration. I am looking forward to some new sights and some new ideas.

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