Creativity really can bring out the best in people.

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There are times in life when I despair. I see tragedy in the news and see how everyone is using too much plastic. I see how people are not kind to each other, or the world they exist in, and I just think ‘what is wrong with people?’.

However, I do not always feel this way, and it is often an art form which prevents me despairing.

I woke up last week to a message from a friend who had spend most of an evening editing some of my wedding photos because I wanted to show some to my Grandma I was seeing today.

Not to speak about my friend too much, but I know that she has not been feeling 100% recently, however, that creativity, to edit and play around with photographs was something she felt she could do.

On the big day, my friend was happy to take pictures, to have an eye for subjects and moods and see what would make a good picture.

I saw some really beautiful photographs ready to take with me to my Grandma, who was very happy to see them.

I think making things from nothing and very often making someone happy with this new ‘thing’ is such a great gift humans have.

I then got home to discover a song I had written was played on a radio station by David Snape:

First I was super excited! Second, I thought how kind that someone would bother to listen to an email audio file and give me time on their station. A love of creating and sharing that  brings people together.

Even this very blog, the idea of creating a blog section to my website was to encourage me to create more, to push myself, so I could visibly see the timeline myself, has received some lovely likes which I am happy about, and I have seen some great artwork through it also.

The plastic bit of my rant can also be covered by creativity.

I got these lovely slippers a couple of weeks ago from Wickle in Lewes  which I feel are worthy of a picture.


Not only because they are awesome, but chatting to the lady in the store, I found out that they pay a little more for their carrier bags, so they are mixed with a chemical which makes them biodegradable before production.

Wickle wants to create sustainable products, right down to its carrier bags.

So through ideas and creativity, my faith in human beings has been restored a little…for now anyway.  I’ll see what next week has to offer!




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