Outside- my comfort zone

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Today is Friday!

Today is a well deserved day off. Plus it’s another beautiful sunny day in Brighton. I have found this year more than ever the weather has affected my mood. Of course, other things do too, but if the weather is nice it is much easier to be outside. I can go to the park, go for a walk, take pictures, the list goes on.



 I suffer a bit from claustrophobia, so it is important for me to be out of the house and be in open spaces. I also feel when I can spend more time outside I don’t have to be in the main part of the city, buying coffee, buying lunch, because its too cold to make things and eat them outside. So I feel I can save more money in the sunshine too!

Being an artist,it may not surprise you that I am not overly rich, or indeed rich at all. Of course, this can be frustrating. However that does not mean I am not rich in other ways, and this is something I struggle to remember sometimes.

I am sitting in the big park about 5 minutes walk from my flat in the beautiful warm sunshine writing this, thinking about what I might paint next, what photos I might take next and what to cook for supper tonight. Its the little things right?

I guess I like to feel free, and being outside helps me feel this.  Plus after my hour in the park I definitely felt more appreciative of what I have, and happy to potter back to my flat, which is very cute anyway.

UPDATE: Here is a sketch I did of the park, in case you wondered if I could find any inspiration!


I was more concerned with getting the vibrant blues greens and yellows down than any detail.





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