Finally the sun was shining!

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Wow! Finally a lovely sunny day in the city! I think everyone was in a better mood today, myself, my colleagues at work, my husband, the list goes on!

trees in spring

So we grabbed our jumpers (I had to resist the urge to take a scarf and jacket ‘just in case’) and went to the park.

One of the more genius things we got for our wedding was a Polaroid camera. This one is a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. The funky and very practical case is by a  company called Goocor I think.

The reason we got an Instax polaroid camera is one, because we thought some spontaneous pictures would be great (they were) and two, I thought it would be a lovely thing to have afterwards, so not just getting things for the one ‘wedding’ day, but something to document all days.

You can get some really interesting little snaps with a polaroid. Some are a bit hit and miss but that is part of the creative process! You can put them in a photo album as they are, post them on instagram, put them in a frame, or choose to work them into something larger.

white tree


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